An introduction to Linear Algebra - course

The material is standard in that the subjects covered are Gaussian reduction, vector spaces, linear maps, determinants, and eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Another standard is book’s audience: sophomores or juniors, usually with a background of at least one semester of calculus. The help that it gives to students comes from taking a developmental approach — this book’s presentation emphasizes motivation and naturalness, using many examples as well as extensive and careful exercises.

  • Chapter One: Linear Systems
  • Chapter Two: Vector Spaces
  • Chapter Three: Maps Between Spaces
  • Chapter Four: Determinants
  • Chapter Five: Similarity

Description :This book helps students to master the material of a standard US undergraduate first course in Linear Algebra. Free PDF book.
Level :Beginner
Created :2016-03-30 12:53:59
Size :3.04 MB
File type :pdf
Pages :496
Author :Jim Hefferon
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