Mathematical analysis II (differential calculus) - course

This book contains ten chapters and an appendix with exam samples and a table with some basic formulas for primitives (antiderivatives). Since I successively introduced in the first volume ([Po]) basic elements of complex functions theory, I continued here with some basic remarks on integrals of functions with a complex variable, residues theory and some of their applications.


  • Chapter 1. Indefinite integrals (Primitives, Antiderivatives)
  • Chapter 2. Definite integrals
  • Chapter 3. Improper (generalized) integrals
  • Chapter 4. Integrals with parameters
  • Chapter 5. Line integrals
  • Chapter 6. Double integrals
  • Chapter 7. Triple integrals
  • Chapter 8. Surface integrals
  • Chapter 9. Gauss and Stokes formulas. Applications
  • Chapter 10. Some remarks on complex functions integration
  • Appendix A. Exam samples
  • Appendix B. Basic antiderivatives


Description :Here is the second volume "Mathematical Analysis II. Integral Calculus" of my course of Advanced Calculus for Engineers and beginning Mathematicians. PDF course.
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