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Differential Equations Beginner

Description :Download free Differential Equations course of mathematics, PDF book, textbook by Carl Turner.
Created :2016-04-08 19:17:37
Size :2.67 MB
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A First Course in Differential Equations Beginner

Description :Download A First Course in Differential Equations, PDF file by J. David Logan Department of Mathematics University of Nebraska Lincoln.
Created :2016-04-08 18:54:44
Size :2.11 MB
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Notes on Differential Equations Beginner

Description :Download free Notes on Differential Equations math course, PDF book, textbook by Robert E. Terrell.
Created :2016-04-08 18:44:25
Size :692.71 KB
Downloads :4

Introduction to Differential Equations Beginner

Description :Download free an Introduction to Differential Equations course, PDF book by Jeffrey R. Chasnov - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Department of Mathematics.
Created :2016-04-08 18:31:15
Size :989.91 KB
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Introduction to Trigonometric Functions Beginner

Description :download course an Introduction to Trigonometric Functions, PDF textbook by Peggy Adamson and Jackie Nicholas - University of Sydney.
Created :2016-04-04 13:31:22
Size :472.61 KB
Downloads :29

Fundamentals of Linear Algebra Beginner

Description :This textbook is meant to be a mathematically complete and rigorous introduction to abstract linear algebra for undergraduates, possibly even first year students, specializing in mathematics.
Created :2016-03-30 13:24:05
Size :1.35 MB
Downloads :4

An introduction to Linear Algebra Beginner

Description :This book helps students to master the material of a standard US undergraduate first course in Linear Algebra. Free PDF book.
Created :2016-03-30 12:53:59
Size :3.04 MB
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Linear Algebra Beginner

Description :Download an introduction to Linear Algebra, vector spaces, and transformations, cours. Free PDF book.
Created :2016-03-30 12:40:21
Size :5.55 MB
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Probability and Geometry on Groups Beginner

Description :Download Probability and Geometry on Groups course, free PDF book by Gabor Pete Technical University of Budapest.
Created :2016-03-30 12:29:29
Size :2.77 MB
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A course in low-dimensional geometry Beginner

Description :Download A course in low-dimensional geometry, This book has grown out of two courses the author has taught at the University at Albany. The first course investigates the rigid motions (isometries) of the Euclidean plane and develops rosette, frieze and w
Created :2016-03-30 12:17:21
Size :2.03 MB
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