Introduction to Functions and Graphs - course


  • Introduction to Functions
    • Definition of Function, Function Notation
    • Evaluating Functions, Domain of a Function, Applying Functions
    • Exercices and Answers to Introduction to functions
  • Graphs of Functions
    • Domain and Range from Graphs
    • Catalog of Basic Functions, Piecewise Functions
    • Increasing, Decreasing and Constant
    • Exercices and Answers to Graphs of Functions
  • Transformations of Functions
    • Horizontal and Vertical Shifts, Reflections about the x- and y-axis
    • Vertical Stretch and Shrink, Combining Transformations
    • Even and Odd Functions
    • Excerices and answers to Transformations of Functions
  • Maximum/Minimum Function Values
    • Quadratic Functions, Zeros of Quadratic Functions
    • Local Maximum and Minimum Values, Local Extreme Values: Applications
    • Excerices and answers to Maximum/Minimum Function Values
  • Combinations of Functions
    • Sum, Difference, Product and Quotient, Function Composition
    • Exercices and answers
  • Inverse Functions
    • Inverse Relations, One-to-One Functions
    • Definition of Inverse Function, Finding The Inverse of a Function
    • Exercices and answers to Inverse Functions


Description :Download free Introduction to Functions and Graphs, Transformations, Maximum/Minimum, Combinations and Inverse with Exercices and answer.
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